Apple blossom in our garden

At last the weather is warming up a bit. The birds are busy building their nests and the weeds are growing rapidly!

Being a keen gardener myself I know only too well the strains and the aches that one can feel after a day of gardening.


As an Upper Limb specialist physiotherapist, I have come across many injuries related to gardening. Especially rotator cuff injuries after excessive pulling up weeds or trimming hedges above shoulder height.

Be Warned! People over the age of 60 are at high risk of damaging their rotator cuff muscles as these muscles have become weak and thin.

Bending and lifting is one of the most common activities how people can 'do their back in'.

My advice is:

  •  Do little and often
  •  Change the job you are doing every 15-20 minutes
  •  You can sit down when weeding
  •  Try to do a few back stretching exercises whilst in the garden
  •  Good tools are essential to make the work easier
  •  Use a hose rather than a heavy watering can 

Don't forget to enjoy your garden. Have a rest and a nice drink!

I came across the 'Carry On Gardening' website recently which has loads of handy tips for gardeners!
You can find them on our Useful Resources page - under letter 'G' for gardening.


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