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Privacy Policy

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into place as from 25th May 2018. This law is to protect your privacy.
We are committed to protect your personal data and this privacy policy explains what information we may collect about you - our clients and our website users - and how we secure our data information.

We encourage you to read this carefully

When you make an appointment, by law, we need to go through this with you and ask for your consent.

For website users our website contains links to other websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practice of other websites.

What is the information that we collect?

Name, email address and contact telephone number

When you make an appointment or have been referred by a 3rd party, we need your name, email address and telephone number to enable the start of your physiotherapy treatment. Your details will be transferred by the third party in a secure way - e.g by encrypted email. This might vary from company to company.

Details of referral

If your purpose for treatment comes under a claim, a third party or an intermediary might refer you to me. The intermediary will normally act on behalf of an insurance company and/or solicitor. The referral will contain a reference ID number specifically for you in order to make your details unique for you. This ID number will be entered in your data and also the name of the referring party. Any other correspondence will be processed and collected for your data file e.g emails from others to me or from me to others.


Your employer might refer you to our clinic through a third party. The name of your company will be stored in your data file.

Details of treatment you have received from us

Data of treatment records and reports will be processed and stored electronically in your data file. Summaries/details of calls from others to me will be recorded with your data file.


You will receive confirmation of appointments by email from us and when necessary, directions to our clinic. Our email system and records are password protected, but transmissions are not encrypted.

How do we use your personal data?

Your personal data will be kept confidential and secure on our practice management system, Private Practice Software which is produced by Rushcliff Ltd. Your data is collected and stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

We will keep your personal data records in accordance with the ICO and/or CSP guidelines. As it stands this is for a period of 8 years or when the age of 25 is reached.
Your data will only be shared with your referring party. It will not be shared to anybody else unless you will have given written consent to do so.

Security of your data

Unless you are a private patient, your personal data will be transferred from 3rd parties. They will have measures in place to make the transfer secure. Unlawful access of processing will be prevented. This information might come in email form or might be available for our clinic via an online portal. This portal is either encrypted and/or password protected.

There will be a separate privacy policy for the referring 3rd party. We would advise you to read this carefully too.

Website contact forms

Data provided via the website email and contact form will only be used to send you a reply to your enquiry, where applicable. Under no circumstances will you receive marketing or other commercial communications, nor will this data be used for anything other than the afore-mentioned.


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